Domestic CCTV Security Installation keeping you safe and secure.

What happens during A Domestic CCTV Security installation.

Once a site survey has been carried out and you have chosen your brand new CCTV camera system they can be found here: you may be asking yourself:

“What will happen on the day of the CCTV security installation?”

Rest assure you are in safe hands at CJB Installation services, all of our engineers are a wealth of knowledge and experience.

On the day of the cctv security installation

An engineer from CJB Installation services will arrive at your address at 8am in the morning, their first job will consist of unloading their tools, ladders and of course your brand new CCTV camera system. A cup of coffee for the installers would not go a miss!

An engineer will run through exactly where the cameras are to be positioned and where the cables will run using information gathered during the site survey. They will also check that you are totally happy with the final positioning of the cameras. If you are unsure we can use a special computer that will show you exactly the images you will receive.


Turret CCTV Camera.                                          Bullet CCTV Camera.                                 Dome CCTV Camera.

The Cameras will be securely fitted using screws to either the soffits or onto the wall using an arm/wall bracket see pictures below of a domestic CCTV camera fitted locally in Leicestershire using a wall bracket

    Hikvision Wall arm Bracket.

A cable from each camera will run directly to the DVR/NVR unit that we will install into your loft space. The cables will be ran externally using the most discreet run. Our engineers all hate unsightly cables and will do their upmost to keep them as neat and tidy as they possibly can and hide them behind drainpipes or guttering etc.

The DVR/NVR unit is installed into the loft as this is the piece of equipment that stores the recorded footage from your CCTV cameras, the last thing you want is for this to be stolen, as this unit contains all the recorded evidence if the worst were to happen.

In order to power the DVR/NVR the engineer will need a power socket in the loft, if you do not have one our engineers are fully qualified in small electrical work so this can be fitted during the installation. Maybe another offer of coffee would be.


The final external cable run is directly from your Wi-Fi router to the DVR/NVR unit in the loft. This allows the end user to view the camera footage directly on their mobile device, iPad, monitor or computer using the Hikvision App.

The final part of the CCTV security installation is technical, the engineer will configure all the cameras to allow your system to function perfectly.

How do i connect the CCTV Cameras to my phone?

We offer training to all service uses to get the best out of viewing their new CCTV system on their online devices. Do not be afraid to ask questions or get them to show you again, we want you to be fully satisfied and happy with your new security installation. For peace of mind please see our review page here 

A four camera CCTV installation usually takes a full day to complete, more that four cameras or longer cable runs for example can take longer. During the site survey we will discuss the expected time frames needed to complete the project.

What is the law on CCTV Cameras?

To comply with the data protection laws a warning sign will need to be displayed on your premises Please refer  to our blog regarding the law on domestic CCTV security cameras or look here