Here at CJB installation service we can suppy and install wired and wireless burglar alarm systems.

Our best selling range of burglar alarms is the wireless pyronix enforcer package. This Package includes, a bell box, control panel, keypad, 3 x PIRS. 1 x Door contact and a years subscription to the pyronix cloud for remote notifications. All for just £595,00. All Pyronix hardware comes with a 2 year manufactures guarantee as standard.

A standard wireless alarm system will take aroud 4 hours to install. 

Any extra sensors, panic buttons, fire/carbon monoxide detectors or additional bell boxes will take extra time to configure and install.

There is no mess involved with wireless burglar alarm system. Wireless alarm systems are extreemly clean to install, there is limited drilling involved and no wires going from the control panel to the PIRs or the door contact. 

No, small pets should not set your burglar alarm off.  PIR sensors come with pet motion sensors, they allow small pets up to approximately 35 kg to be able to wander around without setting the alarm off as long as them don't jump on to the furiture!

You can have up to 4 zoned  areas on a wired and wireless burglar alarm. 

This means you can have a night time setting that allows you to have your burglar alarm fully working downstairs but are able to wander around upstairs without triggering the alarm.