Commercial CCTV rules and regulations.

Welcome to our second blog on commercial CCTV rules and regulations, it aims to deal predominantly with having CCTV installed on commercial properties and businesses. Take a look here for more details on our Commercial CCTV solutions: . Data Protection laws for businesses slightly differ from domestic, its very important you…

Data Protection Laws When Having New Domestic CCTV Cameras Installed

We are often asked when installing CCTV systems on domestic properties, the laws concerning data protection.  The following blog post gives a brief overview of ways to be data compliant with your domestic CCTV system or door entry system (these also apply due to the capturing of images). Capturing Images…

First Blog

Hi Everyone, it’s our first blog here so thought we would share a few security tips during this difficult time. • Make sure alarms set and whilst in bed • Make sure all windows and doors are locked • Check sheds/garages and fit locks where necessary. • Make sure external…