Here at CJB Installation Services in Leicester, we are once again proud to have received the Three Best Rated award for the third year running We strongly believe in 100% customer satisfaction and will always do our utmost to make sure that our customer’s needs are met to the highest

What happens to a CCTV system when you change internet provider?

what happens to a CCTV sytem when you change your internet provider read more to find out how to solve the problem.. Wired CCTV Systems To be able to access camera footage from CCTV cameras on to a smart phone or device a cat 5/6 cable is installed straight from

Alarm systems: How do house alarm systems work?

Welcome to our blog on how alarm systems work, whether you call them intruder alarms, burglar alarms or house alarms they all do the same job and that is to protect your property. For the purpose of this blog, I will try to keep it as non-technical and easy to

Domestic CCTV Security Installation keeping you safe and secure.

What happens during A Domestic CCTV Security installation. Once a site survey has been carried out and you have chosen your brand new CCTV camera system they can be found here: you may be asking yourself: “What will happen on the day of the CCTV security installation?” Rest assure

New Commercial CCTV Systems rules and regulations.

Welcome to our second blog on commercial CCTV systems rules and regulations, it aims to deal predominantly with having CCTV installed on commercial properties and businesses. Take a look here for more details on our Commercial CCTV solutions: . Data Protection laws for businesses slightly differ from domestic, its very important

Data Protection Laws When Having New Domestic CCTV Cameras Installed

We are often asked when installing CCTV systems in Leicester on domestic properties, the laws concerning data protection.  The following blog post gives a brief overview of ways to be data compliant with your domestic CCTV system or door entry system (these also apply due to the capturing of images).

Temperature Screening Solutions: Keep your workforce safe AGAINST Covid 19.

Temperature screening Our lives have changed since the beginning of 2020,  news of Covid 19 first broke and virtually the whole world went into lock-down. Here in the UK all our thoughts went into protecting our NHS and all of our wonderful keyworkers that are keeping the country going such