There are two main types of CCTV camera systems available for install theses are:

Analogue systems and IP systems. 

Both systems support a range of cameras and both have the following:

a) Different levels of picture quality (Ranging from 2 megapixels to 20 megapixels)
b) Camera Lens angles range from 2.8mm -12mm/Fisheye (180 or 360 degree view) and Varifocal Lens  ( 2.8mm -12mm Motorized)
c) Night vision – Black & white (Infra Red) or colour (ColorVu)
d) Built in Sirens and Strobes
e) Dome/Turret/Bullet/Door Bell and Covert options
f)  PTZ control (remote pan/tilt and zoom functionality)
g) Indoor or Outdoor

You’ve probably heard the words Analogue and IP Systems but are unsure what each term means, we have a separate page on each system you can find them using the following links IP Camera Analogue Camera

At CJB Installation services we have a team of experienced CCTV installers that will advise you on the amout of CCTV cameras you will need for optimum security.

There are so many CCTV systems  available on the maket today ranging in quality, resolution, black/white or colour, analogue and IP the list goes on and on. Not one size fits all.

We have designed a Quotation calculator you can find here to give you an idea of  the costing of a domestic CCTV system  using a  HikVision  CCTV Camera systems. All HikVision products come with a 3 years manufactures warrenty. 

No there is no yearly subsctription to pay. At CJB Installation services we supply and install  HikVision products. The HikConnect app is a totally free app to use with HikVision products. It is an extreemly easy to use app that allows you to remotely view your cameras via a smartphone or i-pad. During installation our CCTV engineers will set this up and train you to use it on your devices. You can have it installed on as many devices as you require.