Access Control Systems

Secure your building, its contents, Workforce or pupils with a flexible electronic access control system that gives you full control over who enters your premises. Lock and key just simply isn’t enough for most commercial and industrial buildings. With our Security solutions, you can regulate who is allowed into your premises 24/7.

With this security system, you can:
⦁ Change or revoke a person’s access permission at any time
⦁ Cancel lost or stolen passcards/fobs without the expense of changing locks
⦁ Set up internal restricted areas and time restrictions
⦁ Constantly monitor who is entering and leaving your building
⦁ Designed for all types of sites

CJB Installation Services supply and install only high-quality access control equipment. We are always learning new techniques to ensure we can offer you the best and most cost-effective solution for your establishment. Our access control systems can be designed for all types of large or small sites and premises, including commercial buildings, education establishments, industrial sites and more. They provide a cost-effective way of protecting your business and can be fitted to external and internal doors as well as gated areas for vehicle access control.

The staff at CJB Installation Services are fully qualified and experienced at designing, installing and maintaining all types of access control solutions. Our security advisers will work closely with you to establish the most effective, efficient and practical solution for your business after carefully considering all your requirements, security concerns, budget and the design of your site. Our access control systems range from the basic stand-alone keypad and proximity reader for a single door to PC-based access control systems for multiple doors.

Access control systems we install include:

  • Proximity systems – using cards, tags or keypads to control entry
  • Intercom and telephone entry systems – allowing security staff to control access
  • Remote systems – allowing you to control and monitor access from off-site
  • Integrated building systems – bringing all your electrical systems together for ease of control and maximum efficiency


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