Interactive Touch Screen
Interactive Touch Screen

Interactive Touch tables and screens, designed for learning and Fun.

The G-Touch play audio-visual screen allows children to learn through Gamification, this is a great way to introduce a fun learning approach to your Early years or key-stage 1-2 classroom. It will keep children engaged and motivated throughout their learning and offers the children fantastic interactive activities. The G-Touch Play Screens are pre-loaded with a range of software that encourages numeracy, literacy, creativity, letter formation, music, art, and much more. Many of these programs are multi-touch, enabling several children to use the screen simultaneously. This encourages children to develop essential skills such as socialising, learning to take turns, working together, sharing, and effective communication. Our experienced Leicester Audio-visual engineers will help you design the perfect solution for your nursery or class room.

All G-Touch Play Screens are supplied with our G-Safe2 platform, making them extremely safe online stopping any access to any restricted websites or settings. Safe2 platform places all setting controls behind a PIN-controlled area – this allows the teacher to take control of whitelists, blacklists, volume control, and more. It allows children to use the Play Screen safely without teacher supervision. Our team of Leicester Audio-Visual engineers will help you every step of the way. 

Software included:

  • Learn Hub (60 Day free Trial)
  • Genee App Store
  • Genee Early Years English, Genee Early Years Maths.
  • Google Play Store
  • Yellow Door
  • G-Safe
  • Microsoft Surface, Globe, Garden point, Collage, and Lagoon
  • Mircosoft Blackboard and Paint.
  • Cyber youPaint
  • Windows 10 Licensed
  • Top Marks
  • Cbeebies
  • Education City
  • 2Simple
  • Safe Search
  • Discovery Education.