What happens to a CCTV system when you change internet provider?

what happens to a CCTV sytem when you change your internet provider read more to find out how to solve the problem..

Wired CCTV Systems

To be able to access camera footage from CCTV cameras on to a smart phone or device a cat 5/6 cable is installed straight from your homes internet router into the back of a DVR/NVR unit ( we install this into the loft). This allows the user to access footage directly in real time and on playback from their CCTV system via an App anywhere in the world.

So what happens if the internet looses connectivity in your home ( lets be honest its happened to all of us!) not a lot will happen other than you will not be able to access any footage on your smartphone or simular device until the internet reboots. Rest assure the DVR/NVR unit will continue to record images whether there is internet or not as it stores it all on its own internal hard drive.

When connectivity restarts you should be able to see the footage on your devices again providing you are using the free Hikconnect App.

Changing Internet Providers

There are over 100 internet providers available in the UK BT, Virgin, Talk Talk the list goes on, its only right to shop around and change internet providers to get the best deals the fastest speeds and save a few quid! The faster your internet speed is the less lagging you will get when viewing footage on a smartphone/device.

But what will happen to my CCTV cameras when i change internet providers?

This question depends on a few factors, newer HIKvision CCTV systems after 2017 that are connected to the HIKconnect APP (see image below) should automatically connect. Older systems prior to 2017 using HIDDNS (ivms_4500)App will stop working completly on the App. You have a couple of options to get it all up and running again.

How to reconnect Hikvision CCTV cameras to your new internet provider.

You can attempt a do-it-yourself configuration, although this option is not for everyone.

A CCTV engineer can remotely talk you through the stagesusing team viewer on a laptop or PC.

An engineer can visit your property either as part of a maintenance /service visit or for a charge of £65 (leicester/Leicestershire only)

Hikvision App
HikVision App

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