Make sure you set your Burglar alarm, new crime statistics surprising fact at # 3

Crime statistics 2019-2020

By the time you have finished reading this blog on average 1 burglary will have taken place within England and Wales. Shocking isn’t it?  1 burglary takes place every 108 seconds in England and Wales. These are scary figures, so what can you do to prevent crime from happening to you? How can you not become another crime statistic in the crime wave.

I have been studying  crime statistics concerning burglaries in domestic dwellings from the office of National Statistics from the year April 2019-March 2020 and I am going to share them all with you. I have analysed the data and collaborated it into easy-to-read charts.

The Results of my findings.

1/ As you can see from below over a half of all domestic burglaries took place on a week day. Is this because ordinarily our homes are empty making it easier for the thief to go undetected. 

2/ It seems that most burglaries take place during the hours of darkness, with surprisingly 38% happening in broad daylight.

3/ This statistic surprised us all at CJB Installation services , 59% of burglaries gained access from the front of the property.

4/  Wow 78.4% of burglars gained access to a property by  using a door. One of the best ways to help combat and make it difficult for the burglar  is to make sure you set your burglar alarm with door contacts every time you leave the house, you can see some examples here: 

5/ Finally this graph shows how burglars manage to gain access through the door, a surprising amount of you left doors unlocked. To help prevent crime and make it harder for burglaries its vital to lock your doors even when you are at home.

There are many different ways to protect your property,  one of the easiest is to make sure you lock all doors and windows especially when you are out. Burglar alarms, CCTV systems and Door entry systems all make it harder for potential thieves when targeting properties.

Here at CJB Installation services  we specialize in installing Intruder alarm systems, these systems are wireless and can even be armed and disarmed using your mobile phone when you are out.

CCTV systems are also a great ways of deterring criminals and catching them while they are up to no good. CCTV systems can also be viewed on mobile devices whilst out of the home and even provide you with full colour images even at night in darkness.

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