Disabling house alarms: How to disable a house alarm in 3 comprehensive steps.

How to disable a house alarm?

The following information is designed to help you to disconnect/ disable a house alarm when it has a fault or problem and if warning siren has been activated.

Before following any of the steps below make sure there isnt actually a burgurly taking place.

House alarms are great aren’t they? they protect our properties and belongings when we are not physically there and act as a very good deterent to potential thieves.

But like any other electrical appliance they can go wrong, and when they do it can be very loud and very annoying not only for you but for your entire neighbourhood. Faults may occur at any time including during the dead of the night, not only causing you to panic and imagine the worst but also wake the whole of your family and everyone in your street. It happened to me the other night, i was fast asleep in my bed and was woken with a start to the sound on nextdoor alarm going off, it went on and on and on… This guide will teach you how to disable a house alarm safely.

How to disable a house alarm.

Step 1

The first step is to enter the pin code in to the house alarms keypad, if the alarm siren will not shut off after attemping this the likelyhood is the fault is power related.

Locate the alarm panel, depending of individual alarm fitters these can be located in a series of different locations, airing cupboards, and lofts are popular locations. Once the alarm panel has been located it should have a fuse spur in close promiximity. Using a flat based screwdriver pop the small front cover off using the small indentations with the screwdriver and remove the fuse.

Inside an Alarm Panel

Step 2

Open the front of the alarm panel, it may be held in place by a couple of screws. Once inside locate the battery, the battery will have two connections, a red and a black, remove both of these connections. If you are replacing the battery yourself remember to use like for like and check with the alarms user manual, if you are throwing it out please dispose of it responsibily and recycle.

Step 3

This will trigger the back up battery to kick in and sound the alarm, depending on how much battery the backup battery has will depend on how long the alarm will sound for it could be as long as a few hours.

Servicing House Alarms

It is recommended to service a house alarm every 2 years for maximum efficiency.