Temperature Screening Solutions: Keep your workforce safe AGAINST Covid 19.

Temperature screening

Our lives have changed since the beginning of 2020,  news of Covid 19 first broke and virtually the whole world went into lock-down. Here in the UK all our thoughts went into protecting our NHS and all of our wonderful keyworkers that are keeping the country going such as shopworkers, carers and refuse workers . We missed  loved ones and  normal everyday activities .Work and education stopped.

Moving out of LOCKDOWN.

Thankfully the lock down has lifted for most of us and the country is slowly starting to recover.

New measures that are now in place to keep us,  our families and our workforce safe.

  • Masks are now mandatory in enclosed spaces
  • Thermal imaging cameras are being used for instance in airports, train stations, offices and retail outlets.

Symptoms of Covid

One of the main symptoms of covid is a rise in our body temperature. The bodies normal safe temperature is about 37C (98.6F). A high temperature is usually considered to be 38C or over. That’s why its a great  idea to have systems in place to monitor customers temperatures. Below gives information on HIKVISIONS temperature screening solutions that can be easily installed into your place of work including shops, restaurants, offices and schools.


Using infrared technology,  thermal cameras detect heat from a body. Normally from the forehead, and then it estimates the core body temperature. These cameras are an extremely powerful tool, they are often use by fire fighters to track smouldering embers and police to search for out-of-sight suspects.

As lockdowns eases, thermal imaging cameras are popping up in all sorts of public places to assess people’s health for example in schools. offices, care homes and hospitals.


Temperature screening systems are already being used across a wide range of industries, including enterprise head offices, construction sites, government buildings, meat processing plants, nursing homes, food and drug distribution centres and retail stores.Making their usage a big part of an organisation’s strategy for returning employees safely back to work.

However, before any organisation makes a decision about implementing this screening technology, it’s worth being clear about what it can and cannot do.


  • Detect surface skin temperature on a non-contact basis, reducing risk to others
  • Indicate if that detected temperature falls outside of the pre-configured range, providing a first line of screening for a facility
  • Screen a high volume of people in a short time frame
  • Provide an audit trail of steps taken to assist with health, safety and welfare compliance


  • Detect coronavirus
  • Detect a fever.


The cameras contain advanced detectors and algorithms.  Temperature Screening Thermographic Cameras are designed to detect elevated skin-surface temperatures.Therefore can be used for fast and preliminary temperature screening. they provide an accurate result up to ±0.3°C.

Utilising thermal and conventional lenses and sensors, they can provides automatic alerts when anyone passing the camera exhibits a temperature in excess of a pre-configured range.

Thermal screening solutions allow:

  • One second to detect skin-surface temperature of a person
  • Multi-person detection simultaneously
  • Non-contact measurement to avoid physical contact
  • Immediately alarming to notify operators of increased tempreture.
  • Completion of consent forms for staff
  • A policy for screening visitors to the facility
  • Who will monitor the screening? Will they need special conflict management training?
  • Will visitors be asked to leave or to undergo further clinical screening?
  • Will a specific facility be required for this further screening or for personnel feeling unwell?

In conclusion temperature screening solutions are the way forward in our ever changing world. Please feel free to contact us for more information about packages available.